Sierra Roots…


Like branches on a tree,
we all grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one.

Sierra Roots is dedicated to creating a strategic infrastructure that will offer sustainable solutions to local homelessness, while supporting our farmers, economy, and community. Homelessness in America is on the rise and this includes women, families, children, US veterans, and even our own grandparents. This is the one issue that affects every corner of our community, and the trend isn’t hopeful.

Homeless programs around the nation have shown that by simply proactively investing $15,000 per homeless person per year, homelessness can come to a near end simply by promoting self-dignity through community involvement and support.

The standard approach in dealing with homelessness is not sustainable. Sierra Roots believes that every person should have access to healthy food, shelter, and work. The homeless issue is a symptom of a larger ailment, and the solution must go to the heart and roots of the matter.

Sierra Roots understands that because the homeless issue is a complex one, we have to take a very holistic approach that includes housing, healthy food, self-governance, re-skilling and community support. Please join us.Our Core Values:
~Respect, compassion, dignity and kindness
~Restorative justice
~Civil and human rights for all
~Inclusive – every voice heard
~Collaboration – working with other agencies who serve the marginalized
~Creativity – creating a place of beauty, health and peace
~Love of the earth – developing natural ways to use energy and care for the environment
~Health of body, mind, and spirit
~Sustainability – to create and maintain ways to be self-sustaining financially, organizationally and ecologically