New Art Installation: "We Are Not Your Homeless" by Monte

WHAT: “We Are Not Your Homeless” Art Installation by Monte

WHERE: Open Book Bookstore and Event Center,  671 Maltman Drive (adjacent to Sierra Roasters), Grass Valley

WHEN: Now ( Installation will be an ongoing process with new elements added weekly)

Nevada County artist Monte is currently installing his art piece-in process,  called “We Are Not Your Homeless.”   An early look at the installation today found the artist at work putting up new elements of his still-evolving alarmingly forceful and provocative art piece.  

“This installation is about the civil rights abuses that the homeless face,” Monte says.

Shown below are elements currently on the wall: “I Do Not Make $70,000 a Year,” “Do 2 More Homeless Citizens Need to Freeze to !Death!?,” “Housing Not Handcuffs.” All art images © Monte-2019, shown with permission.  

To see this art work-in-progress, stop by the Open Book, open 7am-4pm, closed Sundays.

i do not make $70,000 per year.jpg
do 2 more homeless citizens.jpg
monte handcuffs.jpg

Be an Advocate for the Homeless! Training Session begins Friday May 10

The Sierra Roots Advocacy Training Program is an effective and unique outreach program designed by founder Janice O’Brien based on her 10 years of outreach with the homeless community of Nevada City environs.

Be an advocate for the homeless! Get trained to collaborate on a one-to-one basis with a chronically homeless person who has requested assistance for meeting his or her needs.

The six-week training course will meet Fridays 2-4 PM, May 10-June 21

Call Janice at (530)263-2058

"I'm looking forward to Nevada County coming around."

Recently Chuck Durrett wrote the following on the Sierra Roots Facebook Page:

I’m looking forward to Nevada County coming around. When I lived in Denmark and asked folks why I never saw homeless people there they always replied, ‘Because that could be my brother.’ In Nevada County, when I have asked why are there so many homeless, I have heard way too many times, ‘Chuck it’s Darwinian.’ Eugene, Oregon another former logger town, figured out that somewhere in between Darwin and my brother is compassion and built Opportunity Village. We can too.
Architect Chuck Durrett is an entrepreneur, a community builder, and accomplished innovator. In the early 2000s, he and Katie McCamant built the first local co-housing development in Nevada County.

Architect Chuck Durrett is an entrepreneur, a community builder, and accomplished innovator. In the early 2000s, he and Katie McCamant built the first local co-housing development in Nevada County.

Sages Among Us Interview with Paul Cogley

The KVMR show The Sages Among Us “celebrates our community by recognizing and learning about those who make it great.” In March, host Keith Porter had a wide ranging interview with the Sierra Roots Executive Director. Paul talks about life in Nevada City, the role of Sierra Roots in the homeless community as well as in the wider community. Take a listen below.

paulcogley on sages among us.jpg

Thank you Briarpatch Co-op!

To our friends at Briarpatch Co-op  and the many shoppers  who gave to the CAUSE program in February:

We thank you for your support of the homeless community with your donation of $4,451.87 to Sierra Roots.

Since 2010, Sierra Roots has been building community to promote positive life changes for chronically homeless people in the Nevada City environs and Grass Valley. With your help, we will continue to press on that all may progress in health and self-reliance.


‘Janice O’Brien, Chair Jim O’Brien, Treasurer

Jeanne Dickenson, Secretary Jim Carney

Kathy Mann


Music Event to Benefit Sierra Roots April 20 at the UnChurch in Grass Valley

We are happy to share with you this email we got from some great supporters of Sierra Roots, who are planning a special event on April 20 at the UnChurch in Grass Valley:

“Hi! We’re organizing a benefit concert for SR (hope that's okay!) for April 20 at The Un-Church in Grass Valley (as suggested by your volunteer, Monte Cazazza, who is also performing at the show).  If you'd like to help us spread the word about the show that would be great.  Here are links to the Facebook page and some promotional images.—Jonah”




Roots Are “Radicle” by Janice O'Brien

Local author, Renee Wade, writes in her book, The Living Earth Handbook, "In botany, a radicle is the root that emerges from the seed. The root is the part of the plant that digs deep into the soil, meets the neighbors, gathers needed food or water, offers sustenance to allies and develops connections. The root gathers and sends both nutrients and information to the whole of the plant, anchoring it firmly in a world of active relationship and meaning." 

This is exactly what Sierra Roots is about - developing connections and anchoring our mission firmly in a world of active relationship and meaning. Sierra Roots is "radicle" in it's desire to build homes within a caring, healing community with the chronically homeless who are so ready to become part of the solution instead of the problem. At the same time we meet our neighbors, offer sustenance to our allies and nformation to the whole plant of the larger community. 

Sierra Roots has a "radicle" idea that healing can and will happen through active relationship and connections with each individual who has been homeless and marginalized so long that they live in struggle and hopelessness every day. It's "radicle" to think that with a new approach of working with these individuals and their own solutions to the predicaments they find themselves in, healing and prosperity will abound. In a neighborhood of small homes and a gathering center where a caring community of residents and non-profit volunteers work and play together, healing happens. 

Sierra Roots is new, with a new approach to healing and productivity for those who are homeless at this time. Sierra Roots, like its name, is a radicle way of changing things for the homeless in our community. At the same time we offer a new perspective on how to deal with the homelessness situation we find ourselves in here, and in every community in the United States.