It's time for this community to make good on our promises to provide supportive community housing for those people in our town who are still without a place to call their own.  There is much talk about the fire danger those living in the parks, woods and under the bridges present to this community.  We are all aware of the unsightly camps and the unhealthy living conditions right here in Grass Valley and Nevada City caused by some inconsiderate and illegal campers. This is a "third world country" situation right here in our community that needs to be addressed!

Sierra Roots has put together a very well planned solution that we will propose to community leaders very soon.  Using the guidelines offered in Andrew Heben's book, Tent City Urbanism - From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages, we are ready to move forward as soon as we locate a suitable piece of land that can be purchased, donated to us through the Land Trust or an individual, leased, or leased to buy. 

First Stage: We are looking for 3-5 acres close to town or on a bus line. As a transitional stage, we will immediately set up weather-proof tents, port-o-potties, waste management services, and a water truck as a temporary sanctuary for any of those who are now living in the woods, parks, and under the bridges of Nevada City and Grass Valley.  This will be the first stage of providing for some dignity, health, safety and a step up from homelessness that Sierra Roots volunteers are willing to provide.  We will then begin building a Community Center that will serve the Village and begin interviewing those who want to make the Village their home.  We would like to have this in place before winter sets in.

At present we are working with a team of young and knowledgeable architects and city planners who are very enthused about planning, designing and building a supportive community micro house village that could house up to 30 to 60 of our homeless people here in Nevada County. And we are recruiting a Project Manager to oversee this project as soon as possible.  

2nd Stage: Through the winter, we will continue to serve hot, nutritious meals and begin to establish the management of the Village. A Village Council made up of residents and Sierra Roots leaders and volunteers will be elected.   There will be mandatory weekly meetings of all residents to ensure that all residents and volunteers have a voice and investment in the running of the Village.  The goal is that the Village become self-managed and sustainable.  

3rd Stage: When the winter weather begins to clear, we will begin to build the micro- houses.  Residents will be able to participate in designing and building their own homes.  Using the template of Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon and Hope Village in San Luis Obispo, and so many others that are beginning to crop up throughout the country, we know this will be a very well planned and well managed supportive community housing for our homeless people.  The village will also serve to keep the community at large safer and healthier.  It will also save the county and cities more money than they can imagine. Look for more information in the August newsletter or call Janice O'Brien at 265-5403 if you have questions, or want to help us. If you are not receiving our monthly newsletters, please send us your email via