Micro-Village Project

A Successful Story

Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon is a success story that could be repeated in our community.

In the past two years, Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon has provided transitional tiny houses for 85 homeless people, helping them to move out of homelessness. Evan, a disabled Air Force veteran, was homeless and living on the streets. Thanks to the stability and support atOpportunity Village, he now has veterans’ benefits and is living in an apartment near downtown Eugene.

In a recent survey conducted by the University of Oregon:

* 92% of residents reported that living in Opportunity Village gave them a sense of community

* 80% reported that living at Opportunity Village made them feel more independent

* Neighboring residents and businesses perceive the neighborhood surrounding Opportunity Village as safe, and are supportive of the program

Opportunity Village is cost-effective with operational costs only $3 per night per person. Residents pay $1 per night per person.

  • Funds needed to operate Opportunity Village for the coming year: $35,000.

For more information about Opportunity Village, check out their website:


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