Sierra Roots Organization

Asked and Answered

Sierra Roots is actively assisting our homeless folks to find jobs, to provide transportation to doctors’ appointments, or job interviews. A few days ago, we posted this message on our Facebook page, as well as on the Nevada County Peeps Facebook site:

“We have a homeless man that Sierra Roots, is working with to help get him back on his feet. He is looking for a men’s bike to use to get to work. He has no means of transportation, but is serious about finding work. With some help from Sierra Roots and our citizens, we can make this a reality. He just delivered 20 of his resumes in Grass Valley and Nevada City – walking. Sierra Roots would like to find a men’s bicycle for him, so that he’ll have some transportation. Please let us know if you can help. Anyone with a man’s bike out there to help transform a life?”

Within 24 hours, Tamara Hiatt responded that she had a bike to give.  She delivered it to our Sierra Roots Board Vice President Pauli Halstead, who washed it up, filled the tires, and is going to deliver it to our young man today.

Thank you Tamara for your generous heart, and for being part of this compassionate and kind community.

Earth Day

Sierra Roots was very well received at Sierra College during the Earth Day celebration. They would love us to come back next year. I met so many very caring people who had no idea about the Gratitude Bowls. Lorraine, our newest member, talked to several organizations that would like more information about Sierra Roots. Water bottles advertising the  four restaurants currently providing Gratitude Bowls were passed out to many thirsty folks. It was a great day.

Kathy Waldron, Council Member

Sierra Roots

An Opportunity for Compassion


Sierra Roots has a weekly luncheon for the homeless. For many months I declined to participate, based on ideas I have had about not enabling or contributing to the homeless problem, wanting to focus more on solutions. How wrong my ideas have been!!! Participating in such a simple program, attending and serving healthy food to the homeless has enriched my experience as a human. Recognizing the raw vulnerability we all carry, whether living in homes or living closer to nature, none of us have the answers to the dilemmas our culture faces in this day and age. With just the smallest interactions I have had with our homeless population, I have discovered it is not so important, where we live, what we have, but more important is how we show up, what basic human kindness we show to one another. Beyond the scruffy exterior, there are talents unseen that come to light in these weekly gatherings. People taking food to friends who are to sick or fearful to attend the public luncheon. Just yesterday a homeless woman, quite young, parents had died, and her Aunt kicked her out of the house with a bus ticket and little more. She sat at the piano in the church and transported me to the finest concert hall with her musical ability. Who would have known such talent rested inside this woman, just waiting for the opportunity to emerge. For too long I have been caught up in labels…… I begin to discover what true value is held within each individual life, a precious lesson to discover. Sadness now takes the place of my hardline attitudes when I hear how these people are harassed and criminalized, (issued citations they cannot pay) for the slightest infractions. Or thrown in jail as a result of their response to being prejudged or succumbing to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Can we as a community find a more compassionate response to this widespread issue?

~By Douglas Raglin