Sierra Roots serves the chronically homeless people of Nevada County, California, many of whom have been homeless for years & have severe disabilities such as mental illness, substance abuse disorder, and chronic health problems. These are among the most vulnerable people in our society and they are among the most costly to our community, requiring a disproportionate amount of public health and public health services.

Sierra Roots, in partnership with the public, philanthropic, non-profit & private sector stakeholders, addresses this urgent issue by improving the quality of life in the local community, and serving the chronically homeless & others in need.





“Homeless outreach is an essential step toward meeting people experiencing long-termor episodic (multiple episodes) of homelessness. It is the means for developing the critical trusting relationships necessary for supporting transitions to affordable housing and/or needed treatment.”

Jay S. Levy, Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach and Housing First